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Tornitura meccanica e foratura profonda a Brescia

Machine Components


The flexibility in our manufacturing process at Cadei Snc means we can engineer to order a wide range of specialist components even in small quantities. Our products are made only from quality materials provided by our carefully selected, approved and certified suppliers.






Deep hole drilling


Cadei snc has specialised in deep hole drilling since 2003. Holes up to a diameter of 150mm and as long as 10 meters can be bored using straight fluted BTA drill bits to manufacture component products such as press-moulding columns, railway axles, telescopic rams. The company can also undertake many other deep drilling operations.





Large components


Expertise has been developed in the company over the years in the machining of particularly large-scale components. Ever careful to remain in the forefront of technological innovation, our CNC multifunctional lathes are used to drill, tap and machine our extensive range of shafts, flanges etc. with the utmost possible precision.




Parts for moulding machines


Our 20-year experience in engineering parts for press moulding machinery makes Cadei snc an expert and dependable partner. Not only do we satisfy our customer needs professionally and reliably, we take pride in our on-time delivery record. We work closely with a small network of trustworthy suppliers to manufacture items in various dimensions, which can be machined, tempered, chrome-plated and lined with bronze.